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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Kiplinger Program takes digital training on the road


Kevin Smith, left, and Doug Haddix


With its hallmark Kiplinger Fellowship behind us, the program’s staff now steps into summer and ushers in the season of professional media conferences and conventions.

In the coming months, Director Doug Haddix and Deputy Director Kevin Smith will travel coast to coast and be in front of nearly 1,000 journalists, offering our quality brand of continuing education for professionals.

At the core of this travel is the mission of the Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism: the professional development of journalists in digital and social media.

While the Kiplinger Fellowship garners the most attention, a large part of the Kiplinger brand is on display at various conferences around the nation. Working one session at a time, Kiplinger can boast by year’s end of being involved in training nearly 1,500 journalists.

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Reporting tips and takeaways from the Kiplinger Fellowship at Ohio State University

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Meliora is a Latin word that roughly translates: “Ever Better.”

It’s the motto of the University of Rochester, where my son is finishing his junior year in mechanical engineering. When I first heard meliora at a parents’ welcome event, it resonated instantly as the underpinning of our work at the Kiplinger Program.

Ever better — that’s truly our mission, to help working journalists continually improve their skills and understanding of the Digital Revolution in news and information.

One of the great joys of being director of the Kiplinger Program is learning from our speakers, Fellows, journalists, and educators whom we meet on campus and around the country during workshops and conferences.

Last month’s immersive Kiplinger Fellowship bootcamp brought new revelations and tools to explore.

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