Jennifer Rigby

Freelance journalist

Jennifer Rigby left her desk job for far-flung adventure. She loves it.

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Nikolia Apostolou

Freelance Correspondent

Nikolia Apostolou shines a light on the hardship of refugees in Greece.

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Laura Bischoff

Statehouse reporter, Cox Media Group Ohio

Laura Bischoff pulls out the big guns — public records searches — to cover politics.

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Gerrick D. Kennedy

Music writer, Los Angeles Times

2015 Fellow Gerrick Kennedy serves up the tea on pop music artists.

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Barbara Rodriguez

Breaking news staffer, Associated Press, Des Moines

AP journalist gets a kick out of asking questions. Lots of them.

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Lynn Walsh

Executive producer of investigations, KNSD, San Diego

Currently executive producer of investigations, KNSD, San Diego. Lynn Walsh has carved a career for herself in TV investigative reporting.

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