Lynn Walsh

Executive producer of investigations, KNSD, San Diego

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It’s hard to be thought of as a gunslinger if you don’t flash the irons every now and then.

Same holds true if you’ve earned a reputation among the ranks of social media experts. You need to put your skills on display from time to time to earn and keep the respect.

No worries for Lynn Walsh. She is social media gunslinger, one who has a perfect reputation for getting the most out of the digital media platform for investigative reporting.

And, she is a recently minted Kiplinger Fellow who credits the program with helping her take the next step in her career.

“Kiplinger provided me with new online tools I hadn’t used before and connections to other journalists who are passionate about telling stories that matter,” she said from her new office at NBC affiliate KNSD in San Diego, where she is executive investigative producer. “It was a great program to learn and experience new tools in journalism while being exposed to what leaders in the field think is coming next.”

Lynn recently moved to San Diego after a stint as the national content producer for Scripps properties. An Ohio native and Ohio University graduate, she came home to Scripps headquarters in Cincinnati after stops in Florida and Texas, where she developed her reputation for investigative reporting.

“A lot of what I do and my team does depends on completing background checks on who people, agencies and corporations are. This includes what they post and say on social media, too, and Kip Camp offered me a lot of tricks and tools for that,” she said.

Lynn’s passion for investigative reporting started not long after she left Ohio University in 2008. She took a job as an investigative reporter with the Buckeye Institute, following leads and uncovering stories in Ohio. That eventually landed her the job as managing editor of Within months of landing that job, she was on her way to a similar position at Texas Watchdog. She wreaked havoc on Texas politics with her reporting until 2011, when she headed to West Palm Beach, Florida, to be an investigative producer for WPTV. That eventually led her to Scripps.

“I think it’s a very exciting time to be a journalist,” she said. “You are able to help shape the future while still producing journalism that people want, expect and need. I think journalism will continue to morph into more of a collaborative experience for both the journalists and viewers. I think communities will expect more news and coverage that affects them directly and they will want more in-depth coverage online that is transparent and interactive.”

Lynn will have a chance in a couple of years to voice these ideas on a much larger stage. Elected secretary-treasurer of the Society of Professional Journalists, she will become president of the nation’s largest and oldest journalism group in 2016. As a prelude to the national board, she has served on various committees for SPJ, including Freedom of Information, Generation J and Ethics.

“Journalism is changing, but right now, if you decide you want to help shape what that change is, the opportunity is there. Kip Camp provides a jump start or a great reminder why you should continue trying to shape the future.”

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