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News literacy 101: Journalists should love news

studyingThe questions I presented to my journalism class this week were intended to elicit expected responses – 20-somethings aren’t reading newspapers, or for that matter, reading news in general.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

I’ve been in the classroom, either as an adjunct or a grown-up professor since 1993 and over that time, the responses haven’t differed greatly. Career aspirations aside, young people aren’t generally interested in what’s happening around them, especially if it’s off campus. Or, maybe it’s just those who lack interest always find their way into my classes.

This semester’s class at Ohio State didn’t swing the pendulum much. Here’s what a small sample survey (26) can tell me about college students and news literacy. Keep in mind these are journalism students. Your results may differ depending on size sample and the students’ majors.

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